Covid19. Traders are calling on the government to facilitate Sunday openings


Traders and store managers, who will suffer from the curfew from 6 p.m. on Saturday, have expressly called on the government to simplify and shorten the current procedure for opening on Sunday, the representative of one of their associations said on Friday.

'We have asked the government to fully liberalize the opening of shops on Sunday for those who so wish,' said Jacques Creyssel, Director General of the Federation of Trade and Distribution (FCD), speaking on the microphone of BFM Business.

It is currently five weeks before the consultations open on Sunday

'The government is telling us to follow the procedures. It currently takes five weeks to open consultations on Sundays. This is not possible. At this extraordinary time when an opening is required and it is not. Everywhere we have to do it a lot easy way to do it, and thats no longer the case today, ”he regretted.