Trade and service. Chez Bon becomes Au Bon Endroit and remains a family affair


Despite the economic situation and the current difficulty for restaurateurs, Arnaud and Charline have started. After taking his father Bernards first sentence, Arnaud Bon decided to take that risk. The second sentence arrived a week later. Despite everything, Arnaud and Charline have the enthusiasm of young people, optimists and full of ideas.

'No state aid ... within twelve days'

“It is true that I have not had any government aid since I was supposed to be the owner on September 30th. We could have benefited from a little help in twelve days. Suddenly we focus on take away and feed the tobacco every week because the effects of using it with restrictions are significant. ''

About their Arnaud and Charline projects: “The repair of the kitchens is planned, work is required to optimize the catering point. This is the part of Charline that has a cap for cooking as well as a cap for bakery with a mention of pastries. For my part, I have a BEP in the sale of market promotions and have completed all the compulsory training to take over a company, ”says the young buyer, who also sees events as soon as the horizon clears: petanque competition, tickets, musical encounters and themed evenings .

With the takeover of Arnaud and Charline, it is the return to normality that all residents expect ...

Chez Bon ... quite a story

The history of the establishment begins before 1930. The family found the purchase of a license by Louis Bon, who passed it on to his son Pierre, a butcher by trade. The butchers shop, the café, the restaurant and the guest house shared the premises for a long time. In 1968 the two companies stood out for their population, and Michel Bon and his wife Arlette took over the management of tobacco use. In 2003, Bernard Bon took over. Arlette, always present, will have spent 52 years in the service of customers, ensuring the bar, the restoration and the preservation of the progress since 1960. Now it is time for Arnaud, for whom it was always obvious, to ensure continuity.