Swear. The most popular greeting cards this year


The greeting card stands in Lons-le-Saunier city center are pretty empty. This year 2020 will have been more conducive to writing wishes than previous years, according to the downtown signs selling them. In the tobacco / press Le Pacha, Rue Jean-Jaurès: “We have never sold so many. We had a few left last year, but nothing this year. “For Mr. Bruandet, manager,' it is the elderly who wrote a lot because they could not see their children or grandchildren '. In addition, this year many requests for cards with bill holders were directed to the Pasha.

Good sales

At the entrance to the Guivelle bookstore, a man in his forties selects his greeting cards. “I would have liked a little more Jurassic, but that will be enough! He smiles. Written greeting cards are a tradition for him. “I choose a nice stamp, a nice card. Its more personal than the digital greetings that I also send. Despite being closed in November for containment, the tickets sold well at Guivelle booksellers in December. “We sold a lot more than usual,” says the manager.

'We feel that people are separate'

The same applies to the Arcades stationery, where the greeting card stands were emptied. 'We deposited the cards from the end of October to the beginning of November and now we only have one or two displays,' assure Madison, Martine and Chantal, the stationery team. At the tobacco press of the Khedive, Place de la Liberté in Lons-le-Saunier, Florence Finot thought that wishes were less welcome this year than last year. Therefore, a less extensive order was placed. 'I would say it worked better though. We feel like people are separate and have to wish each other the best.' In Dole, in the Vallée Choisey office, standard cards were preferred. Here too the stock was robbed, but like every year. The greeting card looks like it has a bright future ahead of it.