Lons-le-Saunier. Auctions accessible from your sofa


In May 2015, the auctioneer Brigitte Fenaux offered a live auction on the Internet for the first time. The catalog contained 440 wines, including Bordeaux, Sauterne, Burgundy, Jura and a few bottles of Alsace and champagne. Internet users can bid directly from their computer after registering on the www.interencheres.com website. In the Lédonienne auction room, you can follow the auction status on a large TV. A 'live' logo indicates when the user is taking control.

We even had a former President of the Republic who bid while we were in custody

Brigitte Fenaux, auctioneer

'Crazy work'

“One day at the market I met a Parisian who had a family in Lons who told me that he was interested in buying bottles of wine but that he could never be there on the day of sale, says Brigitte Fenaux. I wasnt a computer pro, it took a while to get started. I started out with great sales, and for the past few years all of my sales have been on the internet, even the most common ones. ''

There are collectors who have notifications and are informed as soon as an item of interest to them is sold. “This system is very interesting in a small town,” says the auctioneer. For example, someone in Quimper looking for snuffboxes will be notified when I have one for sale. We are expanding considerably, but it is a work of insanity because it is necessary to take a picture of everything, precisely describe its condition and point out the shortcomings. We have just integrated a new boy from Paris who is learning to be an auctioneer. Young people know computers well. Well be connected to fiber in a couple of weeks, that will be a plus. ''

International sales

Brigitte Fenaux thus recorded an increase in sales. She can respond to people who are reluctant to give their things and ask if theyll sell. “Were emptying the houses from A to Z, we have lots of lots. We put cream on everything beautiful that we reserve for the big sales (Christmas, Easter, Saint-Désiré, especially the editors note). We can do international sales. There are people who spend their time doing it. We even had a former President of the Republic who bid while we were in custody. “Brigitte Fenaux uses a collection system with several carriers to send the items to buyers.

Contact. Jura Enchères, 145, Chemin de la Ferté. Phone. Click here to access the website.

On Monday, January 11th, Brigitte Fenaux offered 330 very heterogeneous lots live, including boxes of dolls, comics, games, books, records, dishes, sheets, pewter, brass, biscuits, wines, framed pieces, curiosities, sculptures, Clocks, paintings, armchairs, furniture, carpets, and even a few one-ounce gold bars or 31.1 grams ...

It is always possible to view the lots on the morning of the sale, taking into account the usual conditions, the gel, the mask, the removal ...

On Friday, January 15th, there will be another direct sale of 250 lots in Dole.