a survey on the impact on trade


While the gigantic site of the RN88s deviation began with extensive deforestation work, some are concerned about the impact removing traffic flow from shops in Pertuis city center will have.

Five questions for customers

As soon as the deviation is completed, the flow of passing motorists will be withdrawn from them, which is very important at the pass. We also know that many Ligériens, Rhônalpins and Ponots stop in Pertuis to buy bread at the bakery.

This concern has been reflected in the past few days by a letterhead survey from the Puy en Velay agglomeration, which gives retail customers the opportunity to answer five specific questions, 'as part of the study on the impact of the Pertuis bypass' the document mentions .

In particular, it is stated whether the person 'lives, works and regularly transfers to Pertuis'. The other questions focus on “frequency of visits to shops or services in the city center”, “amount spent”, “customers place of residence” and “what age group they are in”.