Serious disruptions are expected on Route de Charlieu


On Monday, a major traffic restriction began on the Charlieu road at the entrance to the village of Belmont-de-la-Loire. To repair the roof of the Proxi grocery store, a crane was installed on this department street, the rue du Commerce of which was too narrow to pick it up.

The coaches stop in the gym

As a result, traffic restrictions were the subject of an order: from Monday January 11 to Monday February 22, arrangements were made for the alternating traffic of light vehicles with the installation of traffic lights and the ban on the traffic of trucks, school buses and buses the line 214 and the Til network.

Since the coaches can no longer drive through the village center, the department council has chosen the area of ​​the sports hall as the stop. The stops Le Bois, Saint-Claude and Le Bourg are therefore combined at the lake.

It is necessary to plan an amplitude of time compared to the usual schedules of about five minutes.

School children are looked after at the information point.

For the line in the direction of Roanne / Chauffailles, the bus stops at the temporary stop Belmont-Gymnase, then goes back in the direction of Cadollon and goes to Chauffailles via Saint-Igny-de-Roche.

In the direction of Chauffailles / Roanne the bus takes the opposite route and after the Belmont-Gymnase stop the route in the direction of Charlieu / Roanne.

The two primary schools in the municipality are not affected by these changes. There are deviations in other vehicles.