Loire. The CapRelax cape introduced in 2017 is on the advance


Caprelax was launched in 2017 and has come a long way in three years. The range was enriched (with a scarf, a cardigan) and the youngest one called My caprelax arrived.

“Its based on the same concept as the first model, but with improvements. Its a more successful model. It has been redesigned. For example, it is more indented in the upper part, ”says inventor Jean-Michel Martin, a physiotherapist from Saint-Etienne (1).

The principle has not changed. In orthopedics it is known that the forearms have a physiological need to rest in order to put less strain on the neck. By inserting the forearms into the sleeves of the cape, the neck and shoulder muscles relax immediately. With the help of posture guidance (thumb rest that keeps the hand in the correct axis), we get the best possible position of the forearms in order to reduce the excessive pressure on the cervical spine, ”explains Jean-Michel Martin. And of course the cape brings warmth in the upper part, which is always beneficial.

The cloaks from Andrézieux-Bouthéon

The physiotherapist states that the success of his invention prompted him to organize: “Everything happened too quickly and I had no structure. I teamed up with Doctor Serge Couzan (vascular doctor who created a compression sock). We are co-inventors, we found investors from Saint-Etienne who believed in the project and applied for the patent. So we were able to enrich the range. ''

The capes are made in Andrézieux-Bouthéon by the Santex company. More than 3,000 capes have been sold to date and CapRelax seeks national development and projects are currently being 'studied', points out Jean-Michel Martin.

(1) Specialized in neck, shoulder and upper limb problems.

Contact: caprelax.fr