the manager of the mini market, star of the Bulgarian press


“500,000 €, there is something to dream of! »… The announcement that this Bulgarian van won 100,000 times more than its original stake of € 5 by scraping 9 cash in the supermarket“ 8 à Huit ”on Rue Henri-Alain-Fournier sparked one in the working-class neighborhood Reaction from Bel-Air. But also in Bulgaria, where the winner came from.

'I had the honor of the press of this country'

Bachir Ehmadaly, the manager of the mini market, can confirm this. “The day before, I had the honor of the press in this country. I received calls on the phone, radio, and two local TV channels. I was asked several questions, especially when I correctly confirmed the information and explained the principle of the game, ”explains Bachir Ehmadaly.

But its been a few years since Mr. Chance has been a regular guest at this business, which over time has established itself as the real lung of the neighborhood.

'At least once a year between 20,000 and 40,000 euros'

“The hope of winning an impressive sum is very much alive. Its not uncommon to earn between $ 20,000 and $ 40,000 at least once a year. The biggest win weve made? The owner of a “Tac-O-Tac” scratch card that was shown on television and left for life at € 1,500 per month, ”recalls Bachir Ehmadaly.