Swear. A 35 m² chalet is for sale in Les Rousses ... 262,000 euros!


This time around, we cannot speak of a computer glitch, as was the case on the online classifieds website Leboncoin a few days ago. In Les Rousses, a small, old chalet with an area of ​​35 m² is exhibited for the modest sum of 262,000 euros, which is poorly rated in terms of energy savings and greenhouse gases.

Thats a little more than 7,485 euros per square meter!

This 'good opportunity' is the most expensive you can find in Les Rousses, where the standard averages € 2,500. To make it better, check out Paris - and again, not all arrondissements.

A healthy market

The real estate agent who posted the ad on Leboncoin didnt want to respond to our inquiries. This does not seem likely to local property professionals, although the property market in Rousseland remains in good shape.

Olivier Marc from the Haut-Jura agency: “We are still growing with the intensification of shopping in the country or in the mountains, which is made by people who want to gain a foothold in less dense areas. concerns studios and one or two rooms. But for one of the most expensive two-room apartments in Les Rousses, you stay between 3,300 and 3,500 euros. When it comes to primary residences, there is a little more caution due to the alleged funding risks in certain occupations, but we are still growing. '

In spite of everything, nothing to do with suggestions like the Bon Coin: “We hardly use Leboncoin for our announcements. It is a medium in which too many different target groups are involved and which is not sufficiently targeted compared to the real estate offer in the holiday resort of Les Rousses. ''