Haute Loire. Yssingeaux: ALDI wants to expand


The ALDI brand, located on avenue de 8-Mai not far from the sports and leisure center, wants to expand in order to better serve its customers.

Do you confirm the move of the Aldi store in Yssingeaux? If so, is it true that the new store is located near Gamm vert?

“We are looking for real estate as part of a branch transfer. The Gamm Vert Zone, like other sectors that have been or are being studied, is true that we are looking very closely at a wasteland in this zone. The remodel would be an excellent opportunity for the city, without changing the PLU, to change this entrance by relying on the strong development of the green spaces we offer. ''

Have you already made an appointment?

“This project is taking longer than expected because we want it to be in consultation with the elected representatives on site. We would also like to expand this consultation so that our project matches the dimension of your city. ''

How big will the new store be? How much more m² compared to the existing store?

“Our old shop had a sales area of ​​654 m² and could grow to 999 m². ''

What are the reasons for this step?

“We have been established in Yssingeaux for more than nineteen years. Our business no longer meets the reception needs of our customers or the comfort we want to offer our employees. Our building is located in a residential area and, unlike other food surfaces available in the city, cannot be expanded on site. We are therefore the only brand that has an obligation to relocate its business in order to expand and modernize it. In this context, it is logical that we would like to move our business to an area dedicated to trade, which will allow us to offer our customers the best standards of comfort and our employees the best working conditions. ''

Will this move lead to job creation?

“Of course, this step will lead to the creation of jobs, which seems very important to us in the current economic situation. It will be the vector of strong values ​​that drive us, whether it improves our environmental impact or closeness to consumers whom we want to continue to offer the best quality at the best price. ''