a motorcycle mechanic workshop in Celle


Châtelneuf-born Loïc Plagneux founded his company LP Motors in April 2020 after receiving a GAP for motorcycle mechanics.

He set up his motorcycle workshop in Celle in complete safety. The 29-year-old self-employed took the opportunity to convert his 400 m² property into a functional workshop.

An opportunity for this passion for motocross, enduro, super bikers and general motorcycle mechanics.

He started working in Châtelneuf in 2017. He only worked for competition preparers, the teams in Saint-Médard-en-Forez. His specialty is repairing motocross and super-cross engines and suspensions.

His knowledge and reputation in the competitive field quickly brought him a large number of customers from his installation.

In addition to repairing engines and suspensions, he also takes care of old motocross and enduro vehicles and adapts these vehicles. He also works on quads and buggies.

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