Gel plus did not have the expected success


In June 2020 Johan Charles and Stéphane Bernot designed a large capacity gel dispenser that works with a photovoltaic cell and can deliver 100,000 jars of gel.

6,000 euros invested

This dispenser was the size of a parking meter and was called Gel plus. The two designers were geared towards the busy market such as shopping centers or amusement parks, train stations, public services or even schools.

The product, which is offered for 2,500 euros with 60 liters of hydroalcoholic gel, ie 3 to 4 months product for a large area, was never taken. “We didnt sell any. The situation has changed and the product never caught on, ”says Johan Charles.

Disappointed, not entirely. The two entrepreneurs based in Thiers and Roanne invested the equivalent of 6,000 euros between the production of the prototypes and the creation of the website.

“We did what we wanted and we did it with companies from Roanne. Both prototypes work well, ”he continues.

Never too few ideas, he is already thinking about converting it: 'Why not convert it into a drinks machine by equipping it with a cooling module on the back?'