Rhône. Guilhem Armanet, the GRDFs new strong man in the southeast


Guilhem Armanet has just been appointed GRDF Territory Customer Director in the South East Region (7th district of Lyon) to support the areas energy transition. Today he heads a company that employs more than 2,000 people and distributes gas to more than 2 million customers in 18 departments. A gas network over 35,000 km long connects 1,439 municipalities, including 7 large metropolitan areas.

“By joining the GRDF in the southeast region, I want to strengthen the role of gas in the energy transition. With 18 anaerobic digestion points already being injected into the GRDF network, I want to expand biomethane projects in the heart of the areas and make gas an air quality ally with BioNGV, ”he explained.