The help we expect is not coming or is coming very slowly.


As many restaurateurs expected, the January 20th date shouldnt mean a reopening. If the news is not yet official and Prime Minister Jean Castex is to speak this Thursday, the restaurant and hotel world has understood that it should still be patient.

'At the national UMIH level, there is no talk of reopening before the beginning of April,' even Denis Gagne, President of the Union of Professions in the Haute-Loire Hotel Industry, desperately said.

'I filed a file in October, received the agreement in December, and Im still not getting paid.'

At the end of October, when it closed, he was already very pessimistic about the future of the LOdyssée leisure complex in Saint-Christophe-sur-Dolaison. More than two months later it doesnt get any better, but he fills out files to get help, in particular to be able to pay his 8,000 euros rent.

“We can only fight with the templates, its just that. But they dont come or they come very slowly. I created a rental subsidy file in October, received the agreement in December and still havent paid. ''

'You will die in silence'

Denis Gagne is aware of the states difficulty in releasing so much money and is hoping for new types of aid for his area of ​​activity which he believes have been neglected: “Now even more. Its getting worse. Are you looking for alternatives? It occupies the cooks fingers, thats all. It doesnt pay the fees. At the moment I am not aware of any final closure. But they will die in silence. They wont sing it from the rooftops. ''