Lyon 6th | Shift. Cours Vitton: Bicycle demonstration this Friday to protest against parking cars on bike lanes


“What some motorists perceive as a minor incapacity are crimes that endanger cyclists by forcing them to slip into the general lane. For La Ville à Vélo, an association that promotes the daily use of bicycles in the Lyon metropolitan area, the observation is repeated. Cyclists are confronted daily with motorists or utility and truck drivers stopping or parking in the metropoliss lanes and cycle paths, including the common bus lanes. This is particularly the case on the Cours Vitton between rue Masséna and rue Tête dOr.

135 euros good

In order to protest against this behavior, the association with 1,600 members calls on cyclists to meet on this section of the road on Friday, January 8th, at 8 a.m. to symbolically protect the bicycle facilities by creating a human chain. The operation, entitled 'Protect your track', aims to 'raise public awareness of the danger this type of behavior poses to cyclists and condemn the lack of political will to prevent it'. The activists are calling on the mayor of the metropolis of Lyon and the prefect of the Rhône to mobilize the city police and the national police to issue a ticket for recurring parking on bicycle facilities.

As a reminder: Since 2015, stopping and parking on a cycle path has been considered by law to be 'very impractical' and is punished with a fine of € 135.