The host offers take away meals


Benoit Lhomme, 34, four children, and one employee took over the village inn at the end of November 2019.

After the first delivery, his partner decides to leave. So Benoit will hire his mother for the service and occasionally his partner will come in as a backup.

The season went pretty well, even with the hostel receiving cancellations from groups handicapped by hygienic restrictions.

Then the second containment was attached. The chef decides to start takeaway in order to guarantee the fees and keep in touch with his customers.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday there is the formula (starter, main course, dessert) for 14 euros. At the end of the year, a festive menu is offered for 25 euros.

Benoit Lhomme realizes that the residents are playing the game to support him. He is waiting for the reopening.

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