Social conflict. Shameful and indecent CEO bonus for the mayor


'Giving the CEO of General Electric a $ 47 million bonus (which could rise to $ 230 million by 2025) is deeply indecent and shameful.' In a press release, the PS Mayor of Villeurbanne, Cédric Van Styvendael and the PS Senator of the Rhône, Gilbert-Luc Devinaz, responded to the jackpot promised to the leader of the American group. “This announcement comes at a time when 13,000 jobs are currently being cut in Europe within the General Electric group, in the Grid and Hydro branches and in Villeurbanne and Saint-Priest in particular. It is a kind of insult to employees who are fighting to save their jobs at the same time with a unique know-how and the future, ”the text says.

Shareholder satisfaction

For elected officials, this is further evidence of the aberration of financial capitalism: the destruction of jobs despite all industrial and economic logic with the sole aim of satisfying the short-term interests of shareholders. Shareholders who, in order to thank the CEO for his good and loyal service, vote to grant stock options in incomprehensible amounts. '

Employees at the Grid Solutions site in Villeurbanne had already denounced this dizzying Christmas present to the CEO of General Electric while they had been involved for months in a conflict to save their jobs at the Villeurbanne site, some of them even going so far as to go on hunger strike .

'For our part, we will continue to fight at the local level so that jobs and the industrial apparatus are preserved,' assure the two elected socialists, who have asked the government to intervene to prevent social collapse.