Loire. Ten months ago four future Couramiaudes nurses went to Senegal for a humanitarian internship


Before completing their studies and starting a new professional life, Leila Ben Nejma, Laurie Da Silva, Khadidja El Harti and Leila Benrabah, 22 to 43 years old, wanted to have an unforgettable and rewarding experience from a professional perspective, also personally. They had therefore decided to do a humanitarian internship in Senegal from February 1st to March 9th. These four future nurses had intervened in a pharmacy in MBour, a coastal town and former economic capital of the country, for the benefit of the association Pour une enfants Sénégal.

Today they are all graduates and in office. Khadidja El Harti works in the Covid department at Saint Chamond Hospital. She testifies to this African experience: “Above all, it was a cultural and climatic shock that we quickly overcome thanks to the warm welcome of the Senegalese. We were also blown away by the generosity of the population and especially the less fortunate. In Senegal, access to care is paid for for every intervention; mutual aid and solidarity are highly developed. I realized that while our health system is not perfect, we are very fortunate to benefit from it. The return was brutal because of the health crisis. They didnt have time to recover that they were requested.

Association website: pouruneenfance-senegal.com