sur-Saône | Viticulture. International Gamay competition, which cuvée will be voted the best Gamay in the world in 2021?


In 2020, 802 wines from 4 countries (France, Switzerland, Italy, England) were tasted by 160 tasters (+ 7{7d3485657e94c2a51293ca186d4450b2f27c317aa7ee3509dac6c8bbf5461118} samples compared to the 2019 edition), according to a press release from Inter Beaujolais.

At the end of the day, a “grand jury” tried the wines that had been awarded the gold medal in order to select the “Best Gamay in the World” cuvée.

In 2020, the cuvée Les Grandes Mises from Saint-Amour 2018, produced by Maison Mommessin, won the trophy.

The competition

Aware that one of the criteria for choosing a wine for consumers is the grape variety, Inter Beaujolais, the Interprofession des vins du Beaujolais, decided in 2010 to promote Gamay, an emblematic grape variety of its region, through the organization with Armonia the International Gamay competition.

The objectives of the competition: to further strengthen the image and awareness of Gamay among consumers, especially since this grape variety perfectly meets current expectations of wine consumption: round, happy and fruity wines; Promote the diversity and strengths of Gamay in the world towards specifiers and amateurs.

Since the 2014 edition, the competition has been approved by the DGCCRF (Ministry of Economy and Finance) and certified according to ISO 9001 by the organizing company Armonia.

The competition is aimed at producers from all over the world whose wines are made from the Gamay grape variety.

After a tasting by a jury made up of wine experts and professionals, the Gamay International Competition rewards the wines that best embody the qualities of this grape variety.

Wine entries for the competition

Producers had the opportunity to register by December 24th by filling out a form directly on the competition website:

Inter Beaujolais will announce the results of the competition on January 21st and the closing ceremony will take place on February 1st, the press release concludes.

Learn more about Gamay

Today the Gamay covers more than 30,000 hectares of vineyards worldwide. Even if his favorite land remains the Beaujolais vineyard (14,200 hectares of Gamays, which are grown for the production of red Beaujolais and rosé Beaujolais), it can also be found in other vineyards in France (Auvergne, Loire Valley, Rhône-Alpes, South-West ...) in other countries (Switzerland, Italy, Central Europe, China, USA, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand ...).

There are different types of gamay. If the most famous remains the black Gamay with white juice, there are also the Gamay Fréaux, the Gamay de Chaudenay and the Gamay de Bouze, which also have black skin with a more or less colored juice.

Black Gamay comes from the ampelid family (creeping plants). It belongs to the species 'vitis vinifera', which includes all vine plants that can produce wine. It was born from the natural hybridization of Gouais Blanc and Pinot Noir.

If Gamay is best known for its light and fruity side in its youth, this grape knows how to age very well too. It then offers wines with classy and complex fruity notes, with great depth and a wide range of aromas: notes of candied fruit, floral, spicy, mineral, toasted ...