Job. Youth Employment Allowance extended


Labor Minister Élisabeth Borne announced in the Sunday Journal (JDD) that the youth employment subsidy of Operation 'a young man, a solution' would be extended beyond the end of January.

'The health situation will remain difficult in the coming weeks and lead to us (...) receiving the bonus of 4,000 euros (per year) for hiring, for a fixed-term contract of more than three months or for a permanent contract of a extend young people under the age of 26 and 5,000 or 8,000 euros for an apprenticeship or professionalization contract, 'assures the minister.

More than 220,000 bonuses have already been distributed

It cites 1,052 million young people who were 'hired with fixed-term contracts of at least three months or with open-ended contracts' between August and the end of November, ie 'almost as many as in 2019'. 'More than 220,000 awards have already been made,' added Ms. Borne, recalling the unprecedented success of the training with 440,000 contracts signed in 2020 up from 353,000 in 2019.

At the same time, in a column published in Le Journal du Dimanche, around 30 business leaders are calling for 'collective mobilization for French youth' with the aim of posting 100,000 job offers on the '' website by the end of January.