Haute Loire. The Puy-en-Velay tanneries have a new skin


As mentioned in our December 1st issue, HCP (Hermès Cuirs Précieux), a subsidiary of Hermès that bought the company in 2015, 'started work in a factory that was suffering from a lack of investment'. For a long time '.

Facades that are reminiscent of leather and lace

Repairing roofs, repairing the electricity supply, demolishing unusable areas, treating sludge to limit the odors complained about by residents ... An extensive investment program has been in place for three years since 2018.

Today a new phase of work has started. It is the storage space for the hides and the tanning building, which have been completely renovated. They are now being revised externally. It is planned to use a light “champagne” tone and a “cover” that is visually reminiscent of leather and lace. The surrounding area will be overgrown, as will the facade and roof of the building closest to the terminal. The renovation work on the skins storage room and tanning area should be completed by autumn 2021.